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We Buy Plastic Scraps


At Ecofib we buy both pre- and post-consumer plastic scrap. Using these materials we create specific resins for our clients.


Ecofib offers in house profile extrusion services using recycled LDPE and HDPE resins.

Polypropylene Resins

We manufacture and sell high-quality recycled polypropylene resins using both pre- and post-consumer waste streams.

Rubber Rolls 

Using recycled resins and crumb rubber we manufacture rolled rubber mats in thicknesses of an eighth to a quarter inch for industrial and commercial use, in a variety of lengths and widths.

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About Us
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Ecofib is a company based out of Drummondville, Canada that specializes in manufacturing high-quality plastic resins utilizing both pre- and post-consumer waste streams. We buy plastic waste, grind it, and blend it into custom resins to meet our customers' specifications. In addition to creating custom resins, Ecofib offers an extrusion service for small and medium-sized businesses and manufactures different sized rolls of ¼” rubber using our own recycled crumb.


About Us

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